A Shopify Design Sprint

Better than Black Friday

Remove obstacles to keep your product pages at Black Friday peak performance all year — without the discount codes.

Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads
Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads
Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads
Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads

Become the no-brainer, household choice

(Because you already are.)

Made from 100% recycled materials, your leggings help people reduce their carbon footprint...and look good doing it.

Your frying pan does the job of 10 tools, making it possible for someone to have a dinner party in their studio apartment.

Your razor is accessible to everyone, so showing up as yourself doesn’t mean getting judged.

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Better than Black Friday

Boost conversion rates more effectively by refining your product pages with targeted UX strategy.

Let’s be real. Facebook ads aren’t going to cut it. True, ads are often the first thing people see. But, when I get to a product page that resembles a catch-all phone book — well, I am bouncing.

That means you’re losing money. 💸💸💸

What’s in...store... when you book your spot

High quality, high resolution photos
Concise and detailed product tiles
Clear descriptions & key features

In our 8 week design sprint, we’ll build…

4 high converting product page redesigns

A template for every new product you launch

Fully responsive implementation into your Shopify theme

A buyer-journey that let’s your customers add to cart with ease

A user experience that makes your customers feel like you just get them

Top Rated
Rachel is an effective communicator and diligent designer with a particularly keen eye for modern, clean deliverables that elevate the brands she works on and fit seamlessly within the design brief.
She was great to liaise with on Brita.com DTC site refresh and would highly recommend her to anyone.
– Meghan, Head of Product Design & Research
The Clorox Company


one time payment of $16000 $12000
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four bi-weekly payments of $4000 $3000
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Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads
Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads
Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads
Double your conversion rates without spending $$$ on ads

Your path to success

Can't wait

Onboarding - 1 Week

We set up your client portal, as well as collect all brand assets and copy.

Design - 3 weeks

We’ll collaborate from wireframes to fully fleshed out designs so that your product pages make it a no-brainer to add to cart.

Build - 3 weeks

We fully implement the designs into your Shopify site and ensure that all interactions are working.

Offboarding - 3 weeks

We hand over everything you’ll need so you can launch the next product.

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I'm Rachel.

But, my friends call me Rach. I help DTC brands raise their conversion rates through ux design, branding, and smart strategy.

Forever lover of mundane objects. Past life senior web designer for Aeropostale.

As a designer, I build user experiences that leverage your brand story to create life-long fans that anticipate your next launch.

Some people call it brand engagement. I call it The Viz.

My job is to remove obstacles from your buyer journey, and heighten your brand value perception.

We’re going to make people totally obsessed with your brand, while increasing your revenue.

You have questions

We have answers.

How do you implement custom design into our Shopify theme?

Magic ✨! Just kidding. We have amazing developers that have the right experience to bring your Shopify theme to its full potential.

How much involvement is required on our end?

We’ll have an hour long kick off call to discuss your goals and get to know what your brand is all about. From there we’ll have several review sessions so that you are involved in every new update.

How do we launch new products later?

We provide a video recording to walk you through how to use the template and set up the next product page on your own. You can of course reach out to us if you run into any bugs along the way.

Why do you need our branding, assets, and copy?

We take your pre-existing copy (or newly written if you choose to rewrite it for this project) and make sure it aligns with your brand guidelines and speaks to your target audience with copywriting and messaging best practices.

If you don’t yet have branding, get in touch! We can help with that too.

How will we collaborate?

We set up a schedule in your Client Portal so we are all aware of each project phase and due dates. Review times are 2 business days. If we do not receive the feedback or assets we need, we may use temporary text and images that you can swap out later.

When can we expect to get started?

We want to work with your schedule so you can start raising your conversion rates when it works for you. However, this is a first come, first serve opportunity.

More questions? Let's chat. Reach out to me directly.

You had me at increase my revenue

When you remove the obstacles from your buyer journey, you end up with Black Friday sales year-round – without a single discount code.

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